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Change everyones name to I Eat Dick x +JESTER+ x, xROPERSx

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Change everyones name to I Eat Dick x +JESTER+ x, xROPERSx Empty Change everyones name to I Eat Dick x +JESTER+ x, xROPERSx

Post by x+Wick$d@Réçréátíóñx+ on Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:48 am

Change everyones name to I Eat Dick x +JESTER+ x, xROPERSx
214B5A98 01000001
08A9A660 49204561
200929E0 00000000
08A9A664 74204469
200929E0 00000000
08A9A668 636B0000
200929E0 00000000
08A9A66C 00000000
200929E0 00000000
E0000000 80008000

host only, It changes everyones name to I Eat Dick, Thanks for the help with the 08 xROPERSx

here is the full 04 version of the code if you wanna change each ones name I'll seperate each player slot for you. Post the new values in the second column. you can change each player slot to whatever u want

Change everyones name to I Eat Dick x +JESTER+ x
214B5A98 01000001 [activator]

04A9A660 49204561 player slot
04A9A664 74204469
04A9A668 636B0000
04A9A66C 00000000

04AA4DE0 49204561 player slot
04AA4DE4 74204469
04AA4DE8 636B2032
04AA4DEC 00000000

04AA77C0 49204561 player slot
04AA77C4 74204469
04AA77C8 636B2033
04AA77Cc 00000000

04AAA1A0 49204561 player slot
04AAA1A4 74204469
04AAA1A8 636B2034
04AAA1Ac 00000000

04AACB80 49204561 player slot
04AACB84 74204469
04AACB88 636B2035
04AACB8c 00000000

04AAF560 49204561 player slot
04AAF564 74204469
04AAF568 636B2036
04AAF56c 00000000

04AA2400 49204561 player slot
04AA2404 74204469
04AA2408 636B2037
04AA240c 00000000

04A9D040 49204561 player slot
04A9D044 74204469
04A9D048 636B2038
04A9D04c 00000000

04AB1F40 49204561 player slot
04AB1F44 74204469
04AB1F48 636B2039
04AB1F4c 00000000

04A9FA20 49204561 player slot
04A9FA24 74204469
04A9FA28 636B2031
04A9FA2c 30000000

E0000000 80008000 {end line}


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