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How to get hombrew channel using SSBB

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How to get hombrew channel using SSBB

Post by x+Wick$d@Réçréátíóñx+ on Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:38 pm

Things You Need:
2gb sd card
Super Smash Bros Brawl

First on your sd card make a folder called Apps, Codes
download Smashstack: http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Smash_Stack
open it and extract to desktop carry the private folder that you just extracted to root of sd
download this hackmii installer: http://www.bootmii.org/download
open the file and cary the boot.elf to root of sd card
now download this homebrew browser: http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_ap ... ew_Browser
open it and move the folder that says Homebrew_Browser to apps folder

now safely remove hardware and Do Not Put It In Wii Yet
load super smash bros brawl when in it goto vault click custom stages delete all the maps in it
go to where it says click any button to start put sd card in wii
go back to vault click maps and the loader should open download homebrew channel and you have it
to get the codes open homebrew browser goto utilities find the gecko os with the stone pic click it and download open it up when done goto options and change hooktype to ossleepthread then save config Now put sd back into pc download this ocarina code manager: http://wiird.l0nk.org/ocarina.zip
open the pc folder in it open the application now on the game id put SC7E52 and put game as black ops click add code name thing and write name of code then click done on thing click the name of code add code in the space when done click bottom button and find your removeable disk E: or F: click export gsc then your done load sd card on wii open gecko click load game.
Unplug mic from wii to load gecko


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