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How to run codes with a usb flashdrive tutorial

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How to run codes with a usb flashdrive tutorial Empty How to run codes with a usb flashdrive tutorial

Post by x+Wick$d@Réçréátíóñx+ on Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:54 pm

okay i am going to show you a user friendly version of how to run your gct files(a.k.a your codes) using a usb Flash/ExternalHard drive. So lets get started.....

1st:Downloading USB LOADER GX
click here to download usb loader gx

2nd: Adding the txt code file
okay so what your gonna wanna do once you get your usb drive set up and all the iso's and apps downloaded your gonna wanna go into your usb loader{or usb loader gx}'s app folder and make a new folder...name it Txt codes. This is where you are gonna add your text files.... [if u read like adress thingy then here][GO TO: Removable Disk(watever)>Apps>USB Loader{or usb loader gx}]

3rd: Adding the Codes file
now basically your gonna wanna add this while your in your usb loader/loader gx app folder and make another new folder and name it codes this is where your gct files will go.....[Removable Disk(watever)>Apps>USB Loader{or loader gx}]

4th: Ocarina Code Manager
click here to download ocarina code manager
after you get all of your codes you want in your text file your gonna wanna open up Code Manager{Ocarina} and click open txt file....Now find ur txt file in your txt file folder in ur usb loader app folder......{i didnt know how to word it}....Now if you did it right a bunch of codes should pop up on the left hand side....Now check the boxes of the codes that you want(if u downloaded usb loader{not gx} then i already have txt files in there and there is no need to make another one{i have all the codes in the files}).....Finally once you have all your codes u want there should be a box at the bottom of the code manager that says Export to GCT so click that and MAKE SURE you make the gct go to the codes folder in your usb loader{or gx} app folder...

5th: Loading the Codes
finally after you exported your gct file to your usb drive go and put the usb drive into your wii and load up usb loader{or gx} and select the game that your going to play and select settings and select the codes one(im not sure but if u look around in it u should find it)then click start with codes and there ya go happy birthday yw....


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