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How To Make A Name Modifier With Mikezilla Tut From Wick$d

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How To Make A Name Modifier With Mikezilla Tut From Wick$d

Post by x+Wick$d@Réçréátíóñx+ on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:18 pm

First you go to http://www.mikezilla.com/exp0012.html. Where it says ASCII Text: under the line type in the name you want i will list some hex codes like arrows and stuff for your name. Once you ype in your name click Encode for example this here. You will get numbers like this %42%69%63%74%63%68%20%61%73%73

Dealete all of the percents in the long number.


Thats how it looks without the percents. Now when you go to a name modifier code dealete all the X out of the number and put in the one up top. Make sure even if you run short of x put 0 in it to fill all the ones. Like this

42696374 63682061
73730000 00000000
00000000 00000000

Like that. Also make sure you space it every 8 digits then export it to GCT then your done

This tutorial is by Wick$d@TBWMods Enjoy


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