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Ghost Mode Made By Nity And CheeseToast

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Ghost Mode Made By Nity And CheeseToast

Post by x+Wick$d@Réçréátíóñx+ on Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:26 pm

Ok so this wasnt ready to get released but i made a mistake and gave it to skittles, He then Released It To All His Friends And Called It His So I Wanted To Release Before He does And Then The Everyone Thinks He Made it.

how does this mod work?

Its Played On S&D And There Are 2 Teams. Ghosts, And Humans. The Ghosts Start Off With The Ballistic Knife With No Ammo and The Humans Have The Aug And 1 Claymore And 2 Nova gas's. When The Ghosts Stay Still And Don't Move They Turn Invisible. And Each Team Can Plant And Defuse The Bomb. (Just A Hint But Throw The Nova Gas Where You Think The ghost Is And You Will Get Hitmarkers.) The Ghost's Can See Through Wall's
And Objects If They Get Close Enough Too That Object.

Download Link: mediafire.com ?kmv56jmrji2m374

update: I Also Gave Him My Zombies So If He Makes A Topic About Making A Zombies Its Bs I Edited It when trentilo made it (ill release later as long as he doesnt release :\ )

Update2: Can You Guys Please Give Me some Ideas To Add To This (I'm Not Giving Ghost's Tomahawk's And Ballistick Knifes With Ammo Cause Remember Its "Ghosts" Ghosts In Movies Don't Attack From A Distance They Get Close) And This Mod Is Supposto Be Original Not Moon Jump, Jet Pack, Explosive Bullets ect..


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