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Ram Dump Tutorial

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Ram Dump Tutorial

Post by x+Wick$d@Réçréátíóñx+ on Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:15 pm

First Download A RAM Dump from the LASTEST UPDATES/PATCHES - Black Ops Multiplayer]http://www.mediafire...r4aphwl6t794az8
MW3 Multiplayer (2-16 Patch) http://www.mediafire...wpzkc6pgoh459s4
Next Download HxD Editor - http://download.cnet...4-10891068.html
Open Your Dump With HxD
Now Hit ctrl+f
select search direction, then all
change datatype to text string
search any dvar such as cg_fov
it should find results
hit F3 To toggle the result (what it found)
when you found something you want, highlight it with your cursor like this

Then Right Click it and go down to select block it should look like this:

then hit ctrl+f and change datatype to hex values
paste in what you copied like this:

then search it
then if it comes with results it should look like this:

t should highlight something called "blocks" blocks in this case, are a set of 2 digits
so move 21 blocks to the right and highlight that block you landed on
right click>>selectblock>>copy the start offset

thats your code but if its 7 digits erase the first digit, and add 05 to the front and paste your code

it should look something like this: 0513CB63
then if it is a multiplier etc it should look like this: 0513CB63 XXXXXXXX
if it is a multiplier you mostly convert to float
convert to float @ http://www.babbage.cs.qc.edu/IEEE-754/


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